Solar Energy is simply the energy harnessed from the Sun. The Sun's radiation(heat & light) is the energy that is converted into electricity using solar photovoltaic(PV) cells. The solar PV cellsworks on “photovoltaic effect”, i.e. production of electric current and voltage upon exposure to sunlight. The solar panels that are commonly used consist of numerous solar PV cells that absorb the sunlight and convert it into usable electricity in form of AC current.  

Working of Solar Power Plant


First Photovoltiac Cell Designed.

Charles Fritts came up with the plan of how to make solar cells.


Solar Powered Calculators.

Small solar PV panels appear on calculators.


Photovoltaic Effect Paper.

Albert Einstein formulated the photon theory of light, which describes how light can “liberate” electrons on a metal surface.


First Round the World Solar Aircraft. 

“Solar Impulse”, the aircraft is powered only by sun, with no fuel or polluting emission. 


The Birth of Photovoltaic Cells.

Scientists at Bell Labs created the first photovoltaic cell (solar cell).  The device was first of its kind that converted sunlight into electric power.


Government of India took major initiative to achieve a target of deploying 20GW of solar power by 2022.


Solar Power in Space.

Solar power was used to power space exploration equipment such as satellites and space stations.


Cochin International Airport(India).

It’s the world’s first airport to be 100% powered by solar power

Reduce your dependency on fossil fuels

Solar PV systems do not require any fossil fuels to run, therefore it helps you to be less dependent on expensive and limited natural resources.

Reduce your electricity bills

Solar PV systems absorb the free sunlight and converts it into usable electric power. So you only pay for the extra electricity that you consume from the grid. Moreover, you will generate clean electricity for at least two decades.

Clean Energy

Solar Energy is not only sustainable but also renewable, it is the natural source of power to generate electricity. Solar energy makes no noise when it generates electricity through solar pv panels. Also, solar energy helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 


Solar PV systems are easy to install on any area which is shade free and is accessible to sunlight, it doesn’t require much maintenance and runs for a very long time. Solar PV systems absorbs the sun radiation so it also acts as a coolant for the rooftop.

Step 3: The AC electricity is distributed to the defined load

Step 4:Battery provides stored energy during night

Step 6:Grid connection gives access to grid electricity

Step 1: Sun's energy is harnessed as DC electrical energy

Step 2:The DC electricity is converted into AC electricity

Step 5: Utility meter monitors energy generated/energy used/feeds extra energy back into the grid