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About Our Brand


At Sun Moon Power (SMP) we aim to be enablers of clean energy and to help people take control of their energy costs.

We understand the customer's needs and in order to make going green as easy as possible we take care of every aspect of a project from start to end. We hold ourselves up to the highest of industry standards. We have gathered an immense amount of knowledge from years of experience as a Solar Panel Manufacturer and EPC, and continue to learn and expand our practices each and every day. We provide many local and global companies with a variety of innovative products and services, created with the greatest degree of precision and care.

S-MP offers expertly-manufactured products to distributors, dealers, and wholesalers worldwide. We provide tailor-made solutions for your energy needs and take care of the end-to-end implementation process. Our heritage is one of excellence and innovation; from the very beginning, our company has been known for superior product quality and excellent service. We’re proud to continue with those same values and mission today.

Sun-Moon Power aims to increase the awareness and adoption of Solar energy by providing knowledge, focusing on quality, building trust and reliability.

Our Mission

Our vision is to provide Solar energy with optimised solution for long-term operations aiming for a sustainable future with cleaner environments.

Our Vision

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